Amidst Bombs & Crash: 4 Freeasy Ways

This has been a decade of bombs and crash for all, around the world. Whether it is terrorists’ suicidal bombers in Paris and Russian plane crash, human time-bombs’ random mass killing , market crash from government policies or business scandals and hike or drop of interest rates, natural or man-made calamities, epidemics outbreaks and even computer crashes or cyber attacks.

From German Nazis and holocaust, Pearl Harbor attack and Hiroshima bomb to ISIS and terrorists. distorted views of ideologies repeat themselves in history, creating horrific sufferings. The Japanese immigrant families in US were sent to camps after Pearl Harbor, what will happen to the migrants from Syria or elsewhere? The nuclear bomb ended the war with Japan but Shizo Abe has managed to push his new military initiatives through their legislative process despite protest of the people. 9/11 and killing of Osam Biladen resulted in Guatanamo Bay serving as breeding ground of ISIS.What will happen after bombing ISIS to extinction?

Does anybody know the answers?

“Greatest happiness for the greatest number…. is the measure of right and wrong.” Real entities of pain and pleasure, money or body replace empty philosophical notions of rights, obligation, duty. This is how the government and big business sold us well being according to William Davies in his new book “The Happiness Industry” This is the behavioral economics becoming the trend. Do you agree?

The Happiness Industry

Ask Shizo Abe did war bring the greatest happiness for the greatest number of Japanese, Chinese or people from US or Europe involved in the war. Ask any American was the Hiroshima bombing justified if the rights of local residents were considered or did US fulfilled the obligation and duty of a world leader in human rights in the bombing?

What can we as individuals do amidst fear, uncertainties and sufferings or conflicts, stress and loss?

1.Use our mind as mirror, just reflect whatever appears or disappears.
2. Keep ourselves well.
3.”Accept the inevitable and be at peace with destiny “(Chuang Tzu)
or in modern terms “Focus on what you can control” (Tony Robbins)
4. Do good to those in need as we are able.

May we be free and easy at peace amidst chaos.


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