Freeasy Sit for Peace

Just want to share an easy and calming sit with those troubled by terrorist attacks in any situation. Nadabrahma is an ancient Tibetan meditation, it was very effective for me decades ago before I learnt how to meditate. Back then Osho’s dynamic meditation also appealed to me.

The first stage of humming “Aum” reminds me of Chuang Tzu’s teachings of VOID. The humming is like resonance inside the hollow bamboo stem. It voids the mind, fasts the mind of thoughts with the monotone of “Aum” or SIT and FORGET thoughts,emotions, past and future dwelling in the present moment with the “Aum” sound.

” Void room illumines.” Chuang Tzu

The second stage of moving the hands in opposite directions in circles illustrate Chuang Tzu’s  “Tao interchange in One”. The Universe goes in cycles, Opposites alternate and resume in ONE circle.

“Harmonize Right and Wrong” Chuang Tzu.

The final stage is silence.
“Awaits in Void” Chuang Tzu


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