What’s Right and Wrong on Age?

In Las Vegas, a 24-year-old woman rammed into close to forty pedestrians with her sedan she lived in along with her 3-year-old for about a week.Her driver’s license was suspended in Oregon and not reinstated. In 2012 a career mentoring nonprofit considered her a role model for high school students.

In Taiwan, a 66 year-old driver ran over a 74 year-old cyclist, both violated traffic regulations. In US some seniors are banned from driving if competency is questionable.

In India, there were protests against freeing 17 year-old rapist of the woman medical student after he served three-year sentence in jail. He was only a  few months shy of 18 when he committed the rape. Some advocate for lowering the age of adulthood from 18 to 16.

protest-delhi-juvenile-Jyoti-Singh bus-gang-rape-

In Hong Kong, Joshua Huang who was on the Time Magazine Cover for the Umbrella Revolution against China’s governance had lobbied at US Congress for changing Hong Kong’s “gerontocracy” but according to a research document of US Congress published at end of October the average age of Congressman is 57, identical to Hong Kong’s legislators.He advocates the legal age for voting should be reduced from 21 to 18 so he could run for election in legislature. A 60-year-old lawyer who was one of the founders of Democratic party wrote an article in Asia Weekly and stated that UN consider 60 is middle age in today’s world and Joshua’s actions.

Joshua Huang Time Magazine.jpg

“Walking forms a path, things become what we call them.” Chuang Tzu


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