Do the Right Thing & When to Let Go

For years Bill Cosby’s sexual assaults would come up from time to time, there were probably fifty victims or more; it came up again with him formally charged days ago. A lot of these litigations would expire soon and Bill Cosby is close to  an octogenerian.

My heart feels for those victims regardless of who’s right or wrong legally or what was the reality that nobody can really tell except the parties concerned and God. Imagine what those women went through all these years, body, mind and spirit.


The comfort women case was also settled between Korea and Japan with an apology and funds for healing a few days ago. However there were protests against the deal in Korea.

Seventy years had passed, there are only about one hundred victims left, out of two hundred thousands in Asia (the issue has yet to be settled in Taiwan.) Not to mention the Nanking Massacre.

comfort_women_transport_convoy Comfort Women

I had blogged about the protests against the teenager who was jailed for three years and released recently on the rape of the medical student in India.There was a re-run of a documentary on CNN about a teenage Arab boy who joined a group of man abusing a woman to death and then her corpse for something she did to the Koran. ( I have seen fragments of the documentary a few times but had not been able to watch the entire program.)

Conflicts and injustice as well as loss are themes of my blogs and books. Everyday I still struggle with Chuang Tzu‘s “Do not engage in being right, dwell in the common” or lessons learnt from Su Shih who suffered great loss from dislocation because he always chose to do the right thing and fought. All my life I have been living like Su until I studied Chuang Tzu thoroughly. In his writings, he always questions what’s right and wrong or do we really know what is reality. “Know when it’s inevitable, be at peace as destiny.” The teachings seem very passive but true. The crucial litmus test is  Chuang Txu’s “Keep yourself well first”and “Serve your own mind(or heart)”. Do not be “consumed by anger and joy”.

Do the right thing is to voice and take action against injustice so the wrongdoers will not think they can get away with wrongdoings and do them again. If we find ourselves consumed in the process and lost our true selves or nature, or not keeping ourselves well in body, mind and spirit; we are not doing the right thing for ourselves.Whatever we do, if we are not making a difference for others and ourselves, the cause and conditions may not be right. Wait and act when compelled or the cause and conditions are right. That is my New Year Resolution to let go after trying to do the right thing for three years when I cannot make a difference any more. I find the following useful in my decisions or working through the process.

The Reality of Conflicts and Injustice:
Who has more power?
Can we change it?
    Yes: Fight
     No: Yield (in particular,if we can bear it)
1) Do what we can to reduce the
negative  impact on everyone.
2) Retreat, save ourselves
3) Reduce harm to everyone.
(Path of least damage)

When hit by conflict and injustice
(Su Shih’s way)

1) Heal and transcend
2) Help others, do what we can to make
ourselves useful to others
3) Fulfill ourselves
– make ourselves useful to ourselves
– make our life productive with learning,
improving ourselves or our skills
– immerse in our passion

The ISIS situation is outright wrongdoing and injustice, but bombing would only create more suffering, migration and injustice for civilian victims. Financial measures and mind or social reformation to prevent radicalization may be more constructive but who’s to say what’s right and wrong whether it is past,present or future?

Nobody has the right answer whether it’s terrorist attacks, sexual assaults, comfort women or maybe something trivial (in our daily lives) compared to the aforementioned. Only the ones concerned can make the choices they feel most suitable for themselves and most at peace, free and easy.





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