Riding Waves of Devastation

Big Ocean Waves

Around the world, from stock markets to economies, floods to disasters, terrorist attacks to wars, waves of devastating conflicts, migration, injustice and losses haunt us daily.

In Taiwan: companies merge, go bankrupt, downsize as export figures decline month after month. Protests of employees laid off or unpaid. Political parties crumbling from conflicts, internal or external. The economy is tumbling but the government does not seem to know what to do, completely out of control. People are helpless. Not just our personal finance but even food on the table. Eggs have gone up 100% in a year or two. Government statistics report deflation at the verge, oil prices plunge but milk powder or food price hikes have never stopped.

Waves on flat shore

Thousands, millions, all waves.
Want to own a wave,
chase after it.
Follow a wave,
go along.
The wave disappears at shore.


Whether it’s stocks, profits, technology, gadgets or desires. They are all like waves.

What can we do with waves of bad news coming at us everyday?

  1. Keep Serenity in the mind.
    “Stillness in Motion: Things come in motion, stillness is developed.” (Chuang Tzu.)
  2. Avoid greed, anger and ignorance.
    Wanting to own may be greed. Don’t get angry over bad news. There are always two sides in everything, that’s the Law of Nature. What goes up comes down, it goes in cycle. We are ignorant if we think things can only go up, success is right and failure is wrong, birth is gain and death is loss.
    “Life and death are one.” Chuang Tzu.
  3. Persevere in misfortune.
    “Know the inevitable, be at peace as destiny.” Chuang Tzu.
  4. Just do the right thing at the moment.
    Get on with our daily life and work regardless.
  5. Make a diligent effort in whatever we do any moment.
    Do our best with what we have.
  6. Give selflessly to those in need as we are able.
    “The superb: no self, no merit, no name.” Chuang Tzu.




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