What is the Right Cause?

A couple of thousands rallied against the sexual assaults in Cologne New Years’s Eve. Sexual assaults constituted 40 of all offenses that night.Out of thirty two suspects involved in the assaults, twenty were asylum seekers or illegal immigrants of North African descent, however three German citizens, an Iraqi, a Serb and an American were among the suspects. Sexual assaults should not be tolerated, regardless of who committed them and where.Would it be fair to blame the 1.1 million migrants for the 22 assaulters’ evil deeds? Those twenty-two men were not in their right mind when they were the rare fortunate few who made it to their aspired destination and the majority were stranded out in in the snow or at sea. Not to mention the forty thousand facing starvation in Syria.

2FE4D16A00000578-0-Emaciated_Syrians_besieged_by_President_Assad_s_forces_have_made-m-28_1452368066274 Starving Baby from the Guardian

Children in Africa have been our impression of starvation, not in Syria or Arab countries.

Circumcision is perceived as a Jewish tradition and female genital mutilation is sometimes alluded to Arab woment but not frequently discussed relating to Africans. Two African women debated about female circumcision vigorously on BBC the other night. One was an American-Sierra Leonean medical Anthropologist defending it while the other a British-Somalian activist against it. Stories of African boys and girls who would die because of infection from such procedures.

“Walking forms a path, things become what we call them.”Chuang Tzu.

What is right and wrong? A greater number’s right to live or minority’s right to choose over culture or individual preference?

“Man consume meat, antelopes eat grass, centipedes like to eat snakes, owls and crows like to eat rats; these four, who really knows the best flavor? “Chuang Tzu.


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