Domino effect of Taiwan Election on World Markets

Amidst market crashes around the world, Taiwan’s new woman President probably may contribute to further plunge in future with the domino effect on China and its global economic impact.The election result is a blow to the Chinese government, which had forged a good working relationship with Taipei under departing president from the long-ruling Nationalist Party. The result could also complicate Beijing’s ties with Washington,  obliged to help Taiwan defend itself.

Immediately after, Beijing released a statement on opposing  Taiwan independence though it promises conditional cooperation under One China policy. Her presidency poses challenges for China also facing opposition from pro-democracy activists  in Hong Kong and friction with Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and U.S. over Beijing’s assertive claims to disputed islands. China can easily inflict severe economic pain just like Hong Kong by cutting back Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan .

“Our democratic system, national identity and international space must be fully respected.” The new president told a news conference. “Any suppression  will harm the stability of relations between China and Taiwan,” she said. A new generation of pro-independence young voters rallied behind the woman President who claims China’s economic heft enriched by Taiwanese business elite at the expense of Taiwan’s economy.

Hovering around a 40% poll before election, she got a 16% boost from an outpouring of anger on a 16-year-old Taiwanese singer in a South Korean pop group berated by the Chinese on social media after she was seen waving a Taiwan flag in an online broadcast and accused as pro-Independence by an over-the-hill Taiwanese singer (on the left) who moved to China after a pro-independence President ruled in 2000. She has been removed from all activities in China by her Korean agency that managed the crisis of cancellation of their events.

tzu.jpg HuangAnLovesTaiwan.jpg

An apology orchestrated by her agency in concession to China angered many young Taiwanese.

“No self,no merit, no name” Chuang Tzu.
Depriving a budding teenage singer of her promising career and dignified loyalty to her homeland, the over-the-hill singer tried to accrue merit and name in China for himself. What a shame!

May the new President and netizens across both sides of Taiwan strait use Chuang Tzu’s  “mind as mirror” in discerning reality. Why fuel more chaos in the world with conflicts of China denying Taiwan’s right to her flag and name from Olympics to academic confereneces over many decades when the global community has not recognised Taiwan as a legitimate state? Why deny our common root as an ethnic Chinese that is a genetic reality by destiny?

Focus on saving livelihoods and peace in line with reality and what is possible. There is only one Taiwan in the world and in human civilization one China. It’s a reality that cannot be denied regardless of flags,names or real and virtual democracy.



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