Whose Home is it?

A former CNN anchor cried out for the rights of aborigines on Australia’s National Day, he is half-aborigine. Ironically the first National Day marked the end of aboriginal rights to their homeland. The British migrated to Australia, some were convicts while the aborigines were innocent people living on their own land. Watch Rabbit Proof Fence about aborigines in Australia below.

Many from South China had crossed the sea to migrate to islands off the southern coast of Mainland China. Hainan Island was known to be a dumping ground of convicts or exiled officials in ancient Chinese history after the government overtook the island originally inhabited by the Li tribe. The Chinese called the uncivilized living on Mother Li Hill “Wild” or “Raw”Li and those living by the foot of the hill “Tamed” or “Familiar” Li (the actual Chinese character means “cooked”), but some of them were actually Chinese migrants who traded with the Li tribe. They were suppressed by the Chinese,yet Miao tribe (common tribe in Mainland China) or Tan (who lived on boats) were bullied by the Li people because they were newcomers to Hainan or ugly and poor.See more.

Li children weaving.jpg

The New Taiwan President-Elect had scheduled an apology to the indigenous people in August. Most Taiwanese are descendants of migrants from Fukien province in China while
some who are descendants of migrants from other provinces are called Mainlanders. Many came with the Generalissimo Chang Kai Shek and the Nationalist government when China was overtaken by communists. The island was colonized by Dutch and Japanese before the Nationalist government ruled.

Taiwanese aborigine children.jpg

There was a report on TV news about an Indian reservation contaminated by Uranium mining in US. Many got sick and died from drinking the contaminated water. Others had to live on very limited and expensive water they fetched from afar. The young are fleeing from the reservation for better living.

Cry, the beloved homeland of aborigines or indigenous people. Whose home is it anyways? Migrants or aborigines? The rich and powerful or the poor and helpless?

“Heaven would cover all and the earth would hold all without playing favoritism.”
Chuang Tzu.



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