Topsy Turvy in Real & Imagined World

“Proper sayings may sound contrary.” Lao Tzu.

“Things are Topsy Turvy in Taiwan” Reuter’s English subtitle for a clip of an upside down house on exhibition in Taipei.

With the newly elected legislators in the Legislature in Taiwan, there are serious talks about hauling the statues of the founding father of Republic of China which is the official country name of Taiwan, changing the national anthem and flag.Taiwan is indeed turned upside down with the declining economy, the collapse and tilting of many buildings from the earthquake just before Chinese New Year as well as the change in political regimes.

I watched the film “Princess Kauilani” about the US annexation of Hawaii, the overthrown Kingdom and then the Republic of Hawaii. Even though Bill Clinton apologized for the annexation in 1993 and Princess Kauilani managed to secure universal suffrage of her people as citizens of the US state of Hawaii, her kingdom had vanished in history.

There were protests by high school students on the history textbook about Taiwan last year.Will the founding father of the Republic of China be deleted ? Pictures and statues of Chiang Kai Shek were removed when the Democratic Progressive Party ruled almost a decade ago.

“How can I know what I say I know is actually what I don’t know? Likewise, how can I know what I think I don’t know is not really what I do know?”Chuang Tzu.



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